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Oregon Light Sport has been building and flying Quicksilver aircraft for almost 20 years. In that time we've developed a few products to improve the Quicksilver experience.

If you're interested in purchasing a new or used Quicksilver aircraft, please visit Pacific Microlights, Oregon's oldest and most knowledgeable Quicksilver dealer.




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  • Mesh Rock Guard
  • Drifter Gear Leg Adapters for Hegar Brakes
Quicksilver MX Mesh Rock Guard
This mesh guard keeps rocks, gravel, and...
Drifter Gear Leg Adapter for Hegar Brakes
The OLS gear leg adapter for the Drifter allow...
Icom A6 Handheld VHF Com
The powerful and compact Icom A6 VHF aviation...
ELT Mounting Kit
Easily affix your ELT to the axle of your...
Auxiliary Fuel Kit for Quicksilver MX and 2S
Increase range with this kit designed to mount...

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