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Rotax Top Mount Kit for Drifter

Mount your Rotax 503 or 582 on top of the root tube on your Drifter.

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This custom* modification for the popular Drifter ultralight/LSA changes the engine mount location in relation to the root tube. Unlike recent Lockwood model Drifters, older model Drifters utilized a mount that "hung" the engine inverted from the trailing end of the root tube. Read more here »


We've seen aircraft that actually have nicks on the elevator pushrod that runs along the top of the main boom tube. If you want to run a larger diameter prop, there simply isn't enough clearance to safely do so. Our modification carries several advantages:

  • Increased clearance between prop disc and main boom, allowing for larger propeller
  • Increased clearance between prop disc and trajectory of debris kicked up by wheels
  • Allows clearance for oil-injection pump
  • Engine runs right-side-up, reducing uncombusted oil buildup on spark plugs
  • Allows for use of additional support strut between root tube and main boom to support engine and alleviate stress on end of root tube.
  • Top-mounted muffler allows exhaust to clear tail surfaces


Kit Includes:

  • Engine mount
  • Diagonal compression strut
  • Mounting hardware


*Mount kit is made to order. No returns allowed once delivered.

For more information or questions on compatibility with your Drifter/engine combination,  contact us via email, or by phone at (541) 659-4409.




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