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Overhead Muffler Mount for Rotax 582

Raise your hot muffler up and safely away from your expensive Dacron sail fabric.

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Raise your hot muffler up and safely away from your expensive Dacron sail fabric. Our overhead muffler mount modification puts distance between wing fabric and hot exhaust.


Installation Notes
The overhead muffler mount must be welded to your muffler. You can do this work yourself, or send us your muffler and our certified welder will install the overhead mounts for a fee + shipping. However...

There are minor alignment differences in every engine installation, and it is recommended to first install the mounts, then position the muffler to either mark or tack to the mount. Electric welding should not be used if welding to existing installation, only gas or brazing type process. You do not want high electric current run through your engine mount as you'll fry your electronics.

Mounts will be shipped unfinished due to the fact that they must be welded. Mounts pictured have been welded and finished. The pictured finish is a ceramic coating.




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