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Chromoly Axle Kit for Quicksilver MX and 2S

Tired of replacing bent or broken aluminum axles from the stock MX or 2S kit? Try this super tough 4130 chromoly version.

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Our chromoly axle kit is a direct replacement for the original Quicksilver axle. Contructed of 4130 chromoly tubing, all holes come pre-drilled in the exact locations of the originals.


Kit includes new aluminum inserts and new spindles made of ground and polished stress-proof shafting. These axles are super tough and very hard to bend. It's the perfect solution to the soft and easily bendable axle on the stock MXL, Sport, and 2S models.

From the shop:
Back in the late 1980's I took my flight training from the local Quicksilver dealer. I could not help but notice that the axle was a very weak point in the trainer. Just two large men taxiing over rough ground is enough to bend the aluminum stock axle.

I decided to try another material such as 4130 aircraft tubing and made an initial run of a dozen axles and had them powder coated in a beautiful two part blue with subtle metalic flake. This color choice really enhances the look of the aircraft. They were marketed by word-of-mouth and soon sold all of them on the west coast. 


Kit Includes:

  • (1) 4130 Chromoly steel alloy tube axle
  • (2) Machined 6061 aluminum receiver slug (.625" inner dia)
  • (2) Hardened steel spindles (.625")
  • AN mounting hardware




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